About "The Enemy Within"

Thanks to my dear friend, Dr. Mancillas, I found out about the article "The Enemy Within", which has a torrent of information from which I will try to splash a few bits of data below. The article was written by Mark Bowden and published by The Atlantic magazine this month.

If you like to read spy &/or suspense &/or high-tech &/or detective &/or hacker stories, I think you will enjoy this material. It consists of 4 web pages, so there is a good amount of information therein. Do not assume (as I did) that the article ends with the phrase "The worm is winning". The plot continues in the rest of the pages. Do not skip them.

I also want to add a few more points that I gathered after reading the comments made by some readers of the article. The page from the Conficker Working Group gives a simple, super easy to use visual tool to check if your PC has been infected by the Conficker worm. (Even if your system is protected by an anti-virus it could have been infected).

In the unfortunate case that you find your machine infected, you could follow the advice given by Symantec in their page W32.Downadup Removal Tool, which describes the process used to disinfect your PC (not for the faint of heart). Another good and useful source of information about this worm can be found in the page e Conficker Worm Patch. (Disclaimer: I`m not advocating the use of Symantec products. But thanks to the details given by Dan Schrader, there are a couple of resources where you can start the search for help).

With any luck, this will all be old news to you and none of it applies to your system, but just in case, it seems to me better to let this bit of information replicate through the web than to let it pass by silently.

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